Unless you have a car, most city folk often commute or depend on other types of urban transportation. It all depends on what you fancy, which opens up another catalog of options. Take your pick from motorcycles, skateboards, scooters, bicycles, and so much more, On the flip side, if where you’re heading introduces you to the great outdoors, it becomes a whole new ball game. Luckily, companies that deal with mobility solutions have your back. As such, let’s find out what makes the Ripper ATV worth your time and money.

If you’re considering an all-electric type of transport, the choices are far from limited. Just recently, we featured an off-road motorized skateboard. However, if what you need is multi-function machine that you can use for work and leisure, Ripper’s rugged scooter might be what you need. This compact all-terrain vehicle is suitable for fishing, camping, utility, hunting, and a whole lot more.

By default, it uses a stand-on configuration. This is the optimal setup for owners who want to take full advantage of the built-in racks. You can strap and haul cargo on the front, back, or both. However, if you prefer to sit while driving, an optional seat kit is available.

The Ripper ATV gets its power from a 163-cc Honda single-cylinder engine capable of up to 4.3 horsepower. Likewise, the adjustable shocks and independent front suspension means it’s ready for any terrain. For additional safety, a wrist strap kill switch is a standard add-on. Finally, the handlebars can fold down for easier storage.

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Images courtesy of Ripper