If you’re looking for a solar-powered, motion sensor lamp that provides enough illumination at night, then the Ring Smart Light does just that. It provides 800 lumens of white light to brighten outdoor areas including garages, lawns, fence lines, and more.

This lights up when it detects motion which makes it ideal to use in areas where intruders are likely to enter. It is an outdoor lamp that is IP64 weather-resistant and ideal under operating temperatures between -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C). It runs on two rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion batteries which you can recharge two ways. You can use a micro-USB or harness the power of the sun to avoid unsightly cables.

As with other Ring products, the Ring Smart Light connects to a compatible smartphone app for setting customization. There you can set up brightness levels and even schedule when the light remains on or off. You can also adjust the motion sensitivity remotely and enjoy features like Dusk to Dawn, which lets you choose dimly lit lights at night. The app also gives you real-time motion notifications.

Speaking of motion, Ring Smart Light features a 140-degree field of view (detection angle depending on the distance from units) and has an adjustable range of 30 feet. If you have many of these lights set up then you can group them in the Ring Bridge. From there you can customize how they interact (if one light detects motion the others can light up too). The bridge also lets you connect to other Ring video doorbells and cameras so you can see what is going on whenever motion is detected.

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Images courtesy of Ring