Wine connoisseurs will find the Rimowa One Bottle Case handy especially during travel. It is literally a safe house for your most-priced bottle of spirits. 

This case comes with the German luggage brand’s trademark grooved aluminum shell in silver color. Aesthetics-wise, the surface takes on an elegant and modern appeal. It boasts high-gloss aluminum corners and a black leather handle tag that “adds a tactile note of luxury.” It also comes with a TSA-approved lock with a heritage look that can be triggered either by a combination or key for optimum security. 

Meanwhile, the interior of the Rimowa One Bottle Case comes in luxurious black for an attractive contrast to the silver silhouette. To prevent any cracks to the bottle during transport, the interior boasts a clever system of foam padding. Three removable cushions wedge the bottleneck to prevent it from moving. Glass-coddling microfiber that lines the paddings helps to insulate the bottle so it stays cool for hours.  

The case can hold most bottle sizes but as its name entails, it can only accommodate one bottle with its interior space of 7.8″ H x 16.4″ W. If you’re heading to a suit-and-tie party and tasked to bring expensive wine, then you know where to store it. While you’re at it, why not go a bottle of Dom Pérignon, Veuve Clicquot, or

Moët & Chandon. Moreover, the Rimowa One Bottle Case makes a great conversation piece. It is even lightweight at 4.4 pounds and is sleek just like any other luggage line from the luxury brand.

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Images courtesy of Rimowa