Chess sets today come in a variety of sizes and styles with some made from wood, plastic, or even fragile glass. They also come in traditional or abstract geometric shapes, with some worthy to become display pieces especially the expensive ones, while others are meant for on-the-go, impromptu challenges. Luxury brand RIMOWA is offering a set that caters to both, called the RIMOWA Chess Attaché. 

This is the ultimate travel companion for chess enthusiasts as it houses the chess pieces in a stylish anodized aluminum case inherently RIMOWA. Crafted in Köln, Germany, the set is an homage to the minimalist design and gently rounded edges of RIMOWA’s iconic suitcases.

The RIMOWA Chess Attaché also has an ergonomic handle that allows it to be carried comfortably while a built-in combination lock system keeps contents secure. Inside is a black leather lining embossed with RIMOWA’s monogram and a suede-like microfiber and foam that serve as a series of compartments that house the specifically designed Silver and Black anodized aluminum chess pieces. All 32 pieces (2 Kings; 2 Queens; 4 Bishops; 4 Knights; 4 Rooks; and 16 Pawns) feature a laser engraved RIMOWA monogram.

A delicate and protective leather piece placed above the compartments safeguards the game pieces. The set also comes with a magnetic leather-covered wooden chess board with an aluminum frame engraved with a RIMOWA logo. The board is safely secured thanks to premium leather straps.

The RIMOWA Chess Attaché comes in a portable size and weight of 13.8″ H x 16.3 W x 3.4″ D and 11.24 pounds, respectively.  It’s on the pricey side at $5,750.00 but sure is a worthy investment. 

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Images courtesy of RIMOWA