Two very different but similarly powerhouse companies have joined forces to give us this — a stunning pair of Beoplay H9i headphones care of Bang & Olufsen made of long-lasting materials such as anodized aluminium and soft leather care of Rimowa.

It even comes in a signature Rimowa case, which looks as gorgeous and robust as some of the German luggage manufacturer’s other gear. These two companies seem so disparate at first. But when you consider how sound is also a big part of travel, it all suddenly makes sense.

As for the headphones themselves, they’re a noise-canceling variant. And they carry the B&O name so that’s sufficient enough a sound quality guarantee. Wireless connectivity means a terrific wire-free experience. The right earcup features a touch-sensitive housing, too. You can control music playback just by swiping or tapping. Increase or decrease the volume, pause, or skip to the next track with ease.

They’re a punch pricer than a regular pair of Beoplay H9i headphones at a whopping $900. No surprise there — Rimowa luggages are usually costly. This petite carrying case isn’t an exception.

It’s still a pretty sterling collaboration, though. If you can afford it, we’re not stopping you. Bear in mind that it’s a frivolous purchase if you already have your sonics gear fully set. But who can resist that alluring case, ridges and all? If you do give in, we won’t judge. They go on sale beginning April 15. Check out the link below for more information.