Take the worry out of traveling with vintage bottles or your precious spirits with RIMOWA’s 12 Bottle Case. NBA superstar LeBron James had a hand in designing this luxury travel case, which came to mind after he saw a stackable archival case that stored glasses and wine bottles in 2018.

Thus the first phase of the project started after conversations with RIMOWA’s design team and with a long-time friend of the brand and wine connoisseur. Four years later, that project came to life with this limited-edition aluminum wine travel case. The interior comes with 12 padded cushions of varied thickness to secure each bottle in place. It can hold any standard-size wine bottles as well as wider Champagne bottles. 

Moreover, RIMOWA’s 12 Bottle Case comes with two retractable feet that lock at the bottom of each side to stabilize the case when opened. It also has two safety padded bars to keep the fear away of bottles falling out or moving around. Worse, breaking during travel. It’s worth mentioning though that the inserts are fixed. This means you can’t remove them and so you can’t use the case as a regular suitcase.

The case also comes with the brand’s trademark durable grooved aluminum shell. It is slightly on the hefty side at 12.25kg but it is easy to move around thanks to a couple of wheels. Rounding up its design are the two TSA-approved locks for security.  

In celebration of RIMOWA’s 12 Bottle Case, the luxury brand also partnered with Wine Access to curate a list of 12 Napa wine producers for the traveling wine collector. Each of these wine producers sources from Andy Beckstoffer of Beckstoffer Vineyards, who has revolutionized grape growing. The case will retail for $9,900USD in the coming months. 

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Images courtesy of RIMOWA