It is always nice to find a production knife that is given the same care of construction as a high-end custom.  Rike Knife has earned the reputation of putting such care into all their blades.

A major example is the newly released Rike Thor 2 Titanium Folding Knife ($490).  The Chinese manufacturer has created this superb everyday carry frame-lock knife with a one-piece solid titanium integral handle design with steel reinforced titanium lockbar.  The overall length is 8.75″ with a glass breaker on the back.

The Tanto blade – forged from Bohler M390 steel and given a bead finish – is 3.75″ long with a plain style and flat grind edge.  The Rike Knife Thor 2 is an easy six ounces in weight and comes in either a leather or canvas carry bag.  There are a wide variety of colorways to choose from so you can have individuality along with excellent service with this carefully crafted tool.