The Rike Knife-S05 boasts eye-catching artistry outside of being highly functional. It’s an original folder crafted in an unusual technical style. It features a sleek and striking silhouette comprising of a gray titanium handle and a mosaic Damascus steel blade boasting an intricate pattern. Then there are the blue anodized screws that only add to the wow factor to this EDC. 

The blade in this folding knife is a tapestry in steel. It is visually appealing you’d just want to twirl it repeatedly in your hand and marvel at the unique patterns. Unlike the natural wavy patterns or marbling that usually define blades made from Damascus steel, this one has several. It has checked, webbed, striped and even Japanese characters all forged into one block of steel.

Speaking of the blade, it opens flipper style and its aggressive upswept point offers excellent cutting power and high penetration. A frame lock coupled with a steel lock holds the knife in a secure open position. Whereas, the handle in the Rike Knife-S05 looks simple yet elegant with a comfortable shape and  finger grooves for a secure grip.

The handle also comes with a back pad made of beautiful bright MokuTi material. The same material is used on the pocket clip, the rear spacer, and the blade of the axis knife. Titanium is known to be strong, durable, lightweight, heat-resistant, physically inert, and resistant to oxidation, thus making it great knife handle material.  

As for MokuTi, it’s a special type of titanium laminate consisting of titanium alloy 6AL-4V and grade 1 titanium, forged together in a similar manner to Damascus steel. It is very beautiful and eye-catching characterized by swirls or mosaics of shades of orange, pink, blue, silver, and gold.

The Rike Knife-S05  is also just right for everyday carry at 8.27″ long with the 3.54″ long and 0.16″ thick blade enough for minor tasks such as cutting, slicing, scraping, and more. 

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