A good designer is usually expected to deliver original ideas. However, we all know that top-notch professionals take inspiration from almost anything they can get their hands on. For instance, we have the RIFT — a portable Bluetooth speaker influenced by an American EV marque that hit the automotive scene in 2009.

Today, the company is one of the major players in the sustainable motoring market with a growing lineup of models. So far, there are two flagship options, the R1T and R1S, followed by an all-electric Delivery commercial van available in two configurations. At a glance, it’s not apparent what pushed Billy Ernst to develop the RIFT’s unique aesthetic.

However, his concept illustrations revealed which cosmetic elements of Rivian’s green machines he incorporated into the sleek device. It seems the debossed sections of the exterior and interior of the vehicles resulted in an oval form factor with a negative space in the middle. Overall, it’s more striking in contrast to your typical tube-like Bluetooth speaker.

Ernst also intends the RIFT to be a first-party accessory for Rivian owners and makes it clear via the brand’s emblem prominently on display at the top. Next are the choice of colors, of which four are available. These match the hues of the R1T referred to by the designer as “bold” and “earth tones.”

Based on the sketches and renders of the RIFT, the drivers are arranged in a way that allows it to output audio from all angles. Meanwhile, the housing sports a matte finish, while the speakers are covered by premium acoustic fabric. The power, volume, and Bluetooth pairing control buttons are positioned on the lower section, while the Rivian logo doubles as the play/pause/skip button.

Finally, an LED light strip on the frame functions as a visual indicator for charging status and battery life. A rubber base prevents the RIFT from slipping, while a single USB-C port is used for charging. Would you like to see this concept become a commercial product? We do!

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Images courtesy of Billy Ernst/Behance