Ridge’s sleek and minimalist wallet is now available in leather for that timeless classic elegance to your everyday carry. The Ridge Leather Wallet retains its functionality and shape regardless of its contents. 

It is available in Tobacco Brown Leather and Midnight Black Leather. Each is made with oil-waxed full-grain leather with a protective finish that’s designed to develop its own patina over time so each wallet is unique to each user.

The Ridge Leather Wallet is a sleeker, slimmer version of a traditional bifold with a soft texture. But it packs all the functionality and security features found in the original metal wallets. It has RFID-blocking technology to prevent wireless data theft and can hold 1-12 cards without stretching out.

It remains as slim as possible thanks to a patented dual-track design that expands to accommodate the cards. A thumb slot allows you to easily slide the cards out. Not just cards, but this front pocket wallet can also hold cash, bills, and receipts. It has a thin, versatile elastic strap with a luxurious sewn-leather pad ideal for carrying IDs, cash, or RFID-enabled cards. 

Moreover, the screws and elastic on the Ridge Leather Wallet are replaceable. It is also very light in the hands and the pocket at just 2 ounces and compact at merely  86 x 54 x 6 mm. 

Ditch the bulky leather bifold and get yourself this 21st-century wallet that is “minimalist without being limiting. It’s about carrying less but always having what you need.” The Ridge Leather Wallet boasts a sophisticated and stylish silhouette for everyday use.

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Images courtesy of The Ridge