Professionals and enthusiasts who are into photography have their favorite themes. It could be landscapes, people, animals, and so much more. Many modern digital cameras are now designed to fit the needs of the user. Thus, Ricoh is catering to a specific crowd with its GR IIIx Urban Edition. This compact shooter has all the bells and whistles street photographers want.

As long as you know how to properly care for your camera, it should last you almost a lifetime. However, sticking with an older model also has its caveats. One is that you will be missing out on newer technology and game-changing features.

Those upgrading their gear this year should be preordering the GR IIIx Urban Edition now. First up, let’s check out the cool stuff you can do with it. Snap Distance Priority is a new function on Exposure mode that lets you instantly get your desired setting for snapshot distance and depth of field.

Next is Auto-area AF (center), which stop the camera from focusing on areas such as the ground or other backdrop details. This lets you keep your subject always in focus before you take the snap with your GR IIIx Urban Edition.

Another quality-of-life tweak is the intuitive access to playback settings by long-tapping on the touchscreen. Ricoh presents the GR IIIx Urban Edition in a metallic gray colorway. Not only does it enhance the aesthetic, but the texture also improves grip.

You’ll likewise notice the dark navy blue lens ring – a stylish accent to an already stunning camera. Ricoh will only produce 2,000 units of the GR IIIx Urban Edition and each ships with welcome extras. There’s the leather wrist strap with a blue application and a black metal hot shoe cover.

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Images courtesy of Ricoh