This console table from designer Ricardo Sá, called “Choo Choo,” is for all feline lovers who want to have a special place for their cats in the living room to hide, sleep, or play around in. Aside from it being pet-friendly, it serves its given purpose in a stylish and unique design.

At first glance this furniture looks like a bullet train, hence its name.  It is made from natural materials like wood and cane webbing and boasts contemporary style. The webbing is not purely for design factor but allows air to circulate when your cats do decide to sleep inside. 

This is a visually appealing piece of furniture that manages to include an exclusive space for these feline friends accessible via an opening on one end of the middle shelving. This layer is covered in cane webbing to allow the cats to observe the world outside, while ensconced in the protective shelter of the “Choo Choo” console table. 

The plinth of the table is even lined with cat-friendly fabric to address the grooming needs of cats. It serves as a cozy and safe nook for them to clean their paws and nails or their fur. Moreover, inside the console door is a discreet compartment ingeniously designed to store a litter box for privacy while other compartments can hold books, a litter scooper, and more. 

The “Choo Choo” console table seamlessly blends “the functionality of a pet-friendly console with the practical needs of a modern home.” It’s “designed to enhance the relationship between cats and their human counterparts,” says Ricardo Sá.

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Images courtesy of Ricardo Sá/Behance