Back in 1973 architect Ricardo Bofill took on a project where he could experiment with how any structure could be repurposed for vastly different functions. The challenge was to take an abandoned cement factory and turn it into a showcase head office location for his architectural firm Taller de Arquitectura in Barcelona, Spain.

Ricardo Bofill’s Cement Factory was in a turn-of-the-century industrial complex and had fallen partially into ruins. The first task was to clear out the debris and rework the remainder. Utilizing some of those remaining elements – staircases to nowhere, huge empty spaces, old metal, and reinforced structures holding up nothing, he created a surreal look throughout the complex.

Eight silos were left and were reworked into offices, record archives, library, model workshops, and a projection room. One large space, the “Cathedral”, is repurposed for concerts, exhibits and other cultural functions. “La Fabrica” (The Factory in Spanish) is surrounded by exotic tree gardens to accent its newfound beauty. There’s no doubt Bofill’s headquarters are solid proof of his unique design talent.