We’re not exactly sure as to why you would want to mess around with what Porsche already gives the Taycan but let us indulge your interests. For whatever reason why you need to tweak what many consider a sustainable automotive work of art, we’re here to help. Rather, you can count on RevoZport to supply the parts.

Don’t let others get on your nerves with their incessant pestering about why you didn’t go a Tesla instead. Elon Musk’s car company might be the forerunner in the eco-friendly transportation market, but it cannot match the pedigree behind the German marque.

Therefore, RevoZport gives clients a choice between two aero kits to give their all-electric sedan an aesthetic makeover. There’s the Revoluzione or the GT-Z and both do more than just embellish your ride. Depending on how far you want to boost the performance of your Taycan, each bundle should cater to the client’s expectations.

Among the two, the Revoluzione is both the entry-level and mid-range option. Costs range from $8,500 to $12,000 while the parts are compatible with the 4S, Turbo, and Turbo S trims. Weight matters, which is why carbon fiber is the material of choice here. You can order this aero kit with a set of custom 22-inch forged wheels.

Next up is the range-topping $15,000 GT-Z – likewise applicable to the 4S, Turbo, and Turbo S variants of the Taycan. This bundle includes a new front splitter, front bumper canards, side skirts, a rear diffuser, rear bumper skirts, and a swan neck GT spoiler. As you can see, RevoZport has something for everyone. Check out our awesome buyer’s guide here if you want to add a dash cam to your sporty sedan.

Tweak your Taycan now

Images courtesy of RevoZport