It’s almost summer and plenty of folks are already gearing up for a vacation. We all have our own plans, but if it involves overlanding, camping, or hitting the beach, Retrospec has something awesome for you. This is the Coaster — a two-person inflatable kayak for exploring lakes, rivers, and the sea.

What’s cool about this design is the compact physical footprint of the item when deflated. In contrast to hardshell types, which typically need a roof rack, or some seats folded down inside in some cases, this leaves you with more cargo space. Now you can haul more gear and supplies for your outing.

When we said the Coaster is easy to transport, the whole bundle fits inside a handy padded carrying bag. Alternatively, everything can also fit inside a large backpack. Retrospec shares that the package includes the inflatable kayak, a dual-action pump, two removable fins, and two paddles.

For reliable performance, its construction uses 600-denier ripstop polyester for the side tubes and deck covers, which are then double-coated in polyurethane (PU). Next, the hull is crafted out of puncture-resistant 1,000-denier 0,60 mm PVC fabric. The three inflatable bladders use Boston valves.

Upon full inflation, the Coaster measures 150” x 39” x 27” and weighs a manageable 38 lbs. It can also support up to 660 lbs – riders and cargo combined. The tip and tail feature bungee straps to hold your gear. Handles are available on each side to make it easy to carry into or out of the water.

Hook-n-loop straps ensure you don’t lose your paddles when not in use. The Coaster is also conveniently convertible from a two-seater to one. Finally, Retrospec says the Coaster is dog-friendly so you can take your furry pal along for a ride.

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Images courtesy of Retrospec