If you have lost some of your files, it does not mean that you will never see them again. Usually, the problem is much smaller than we picture, and the problem can be solved in a few clicks. Here is a guide for you on how to recover files on Mac as well as some tips on what you should do if you lost all of your files and don’t know what to do. Learn more about effective data recovery here.

The Best Ways to Restore Your Data and Files

The situation in which you lose your files is not something you want to experience. But if you have such a problem, you can still fix it. Here are the steps to recover deleted files on Mac and forget about your problems with files:

  1. Check the trash bin. Who knows, maybe you were thinking about something else and did not notice how you deleted the files. There is always a chance of something like that happening, so even if you don’t remember how it got deleted, still it is best to make sure that the trash bin is empty.
  2. Search through other folders. Check every folder where you could have put your files without noticing it. Same as for the trash bin: you might not even remember that you did something, but it will turn out that the files were just moved to another folder.
  3. Back up your files. Before you do anything to restore data on Mac, first you should make sure that none of the files that are still saved on the computer are safe and sound. Save your data on Google Drive or another platform, and start working on solving the problem.
  4. Install special software. To retrieve data on Mac fast and easy, you can always use some special apps or programs that will help you do that. There is a variety of different options on the internet, so all you have to do is just to choose the right one. You can use some free mac data recovery software to get your files back. But keep in mind that you should always check if the app is fine to use before downloading it.
  5. Think about a situation in which you might have damaged your Mac incidentally. Sometimes, our devices stop working properly because of some bugs that are happening due to the recent damages. In such a case, the only thing you can do is just to turn for help to the special service that will repair your Mac for you.
  6. Talk to the technician. If you have no idea about what happened to your computer and how you can fix it, talk to the professional who will be able to share a piece of advice with you. The expert will also be able to help you out with installation of the special data recovery software for Mac, so you would be able to use such an app more effectively.

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Keep Calm and Restore Your Files Easily

If you realize that some of your files are missing, it is not a reason to panic. There are good chances that all of your files can be recovered with ease, so instead of worrying and stressing out too much, try to take an action and do everything you can to get your private data back. There are many great apps and programs that can help anyone manage this problem, even if you don’t know a lot about such things.