The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly made people interested in urban gardening. They turn to sustainable means to pass the time and the introduction of the Respira Air Purifying Garden is especially timely.

Electric air purifiers and humidifiers have seen their importance increase amid the pandemic. But another way to clean the air is by going natural: using plants. This method is nothing new but modern times call for modern additions. As such, this invention connects to your home network for remote monitoring of plant health and air quality.

The Respira Air Purifying Garden sends alerts to your connected mobile device on plant nutrient, water, and lighting levels. It also provides updates on the air’s level of volatile organic compounds (VOC), as well as temperature and humidity levels. Outside of the remote monitoring, the device features a 5″ LCD screen for system control and ease of use.

Moreover, this modern garden setting requires minimal footprint and watering. It is customizable to your 4-6″ plants of choice and has a wall mount option. It has a 16L water basin that will last for up to ten days and 15W of energy-efficient LED grow lights.

Meanwhile, its automated nutrient injection only needs to be replaced every six months and a hydroponic grow media takes the place of soil that allows air, water, and nutrients to access the roots. There is also a reusable pre-filter that helps trap dust and large particulate matter. The Respira Air Purifying Garden has 13 plant slots and provides 39 CFM of optimal airflow to ensure you breathe in a cleaner and fresh air.

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Images courtesy of Respira