With so many new names hitting the market, drinkers new to the delightful world of tequila could potentially miss out on those that matter. Thankfully, stalwarts in the scene such as Jose Cuervo know how to drum up publicity with a new expression that caters to the strong demand for cristalino. As indicated by press materials, the Añejo Cristalino Organico will be marketed under the Reserva De La Familia label.

Upon our research, cristalino remains a subject of debate among tequila experts and enthusiasts as the Consejo Regulador Del Tequila has yet to issue an official statement regarding its inclusion as a category of the agave-based spirit. So far, the only types listed are blanco, joven, reposado, añejo, and extra añejo. However, we might see a revision in the future if the situation does not change.

As it stands right now, the Reserva De La Familia series currently includes three options, the Reposado, Extra Añejo, and Platino. It’s safe to say when the Añejo Cristalino Organico becomes commercially available, proponents of the spirit will snap these up without question. Since this is a fresh addition to Jose Cuervo’s artisanal small-batch lineup, the distillery invited the media to try some ahead of its release.

Moreover, details about its production process highlight the use of agave — as noted by the name — carefully grown via organic means. These are then harvested when the plants are around seven years old. After it undergoes the usual traditional methods the Añejo Cristalino Organico is aged for a year in virgin American oak casks. These are then matured for another six months in Spanish Pedro Ximenez barrels.

Before it’s bottled, the Reserva De La Familia Añejo Cristalino Organico is filtered to remove the natural hues embodied by the tequila throughout its journey from plant to spirit. According to the lucky few who sampled the expression, aromas of raisin, grape, vanilla, cherry, and agave are distinctly present. Flavors of dark berries, raisins, chocolate, banana, lemon, and vanilla engage the palate. 

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Images courtesy of Jose Cuervo