If you have a fear of heights, proceed with caution as this cool cabin will test your limits. However, the rest who seek a thrill even when it’s time to wrap up for the day can book a stay at the UHU. This fancy dwelling takes you to Repère Boréal in Quebec, Canada. It is just one of the many unique accommodations available.

Although not necessarily a treehouse, you can probably think of it like that. The name is Innu for owl, which is a nocturnal bird of prey that perches atop trees for the best vantage point when hunting. The operators of this rental service ensure you get to experience what it’s like to be about 33 feet above the ground.

The UHU’s structure is supported by stilts as it hovers over a slope. Depending on which unit is free, access is available via different means. One just needs to traverse a short connecting bridge from the highest point. Another requires you to take a spiraling flight of stairs and then a walkway.

What greets you is a geometric wooden cabin that’s almost an A-frame but not quite. The door opens to a single volume with a towering ceiling and a full-height glass window that frames the views of the boreal forest. The UHU also features skylights for natural illumination by day.

A huge bed is positioned with the foot facing the window, while a table and two chairs are likewise in the same orientation. Even in winter, the sunlight and heated floors should keep the UHU warm and cozy. Other amenities include a toilet and shower area, a small kitchen, a sound system, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Repère Boréal charges a small fee if you plan to bring your pets along.

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Images courtesy of Repère Boréal