How do you guys stay fit? There’s basically no right or wrong answer here because each individual has their preferred type of exercise. However, this also means that our muscles need to recover after an intense workout. These days, we’ve seen professional athletes promote ice baths, but another popular alternative is provided by handheld fitness tools like the RENPHO Active Thermacool.

The thing is, muscle soreness is not something exclusive to those who live an active lifestyle. In fact, anyone can experience it due to repetitive motion, stress, inactivity, and other causes. Massages have been known to have therapeutic effects on the body. Sadly, a session with a therapist can be costly at times.

Hence, the Active Thermacool will come in handy whenever you need to relax at the end of the day. The massage gun also comes with a carry case that features cutouts to hold it and all accessories in place during transport. Now, what this product brings to the table is not only percussive therapy but also heating and cooling.

In addition to the four standard massage heads, the package includes a specialized attachment that can heat up between 98.6 °F to 113 °F or cool down between 60.8 °F to 46.4 °F. The hotter temperatures are ideal to warm up your muscles and promote blood circulation, while the colder settings aid pain relief and reduce swelling.

Powering the Active Thermacool is a 2,600 mAh battery lasting up to 140 minutes on a single charge. Furthermore, it supports 15W PD fast charging technology to quickly top-up it reserves in about two hours or less. The 150W brushless motor can deliver around 45 lbs. of force with five speed-level settings to choose from and maxes out at 3,200 rpm. Order yours now!

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Images courtesy of RENPHO