When you have pets at home, the companionship they provide is unlike any other. Some people go to great lengths to plan activities that involve their dogs, cats, and other animals. Thankfully, most establishments now allow us to bring them along. One digital artist envisions an intriguing EV concept called the Renault Pet Communication Device.

Sejoon Kim chooses the Renault badge for this project since the French carmaker already has something similar – the EZ-GO Concept. The Pet Communication Device is drawing inspiration from it with its autonomous and connected mobility capabilities. Given how some pets are livelier by nature, it helps to have a self-driving system available.

The design reminds us of a car from Hot Wheels’ lineup and appears to be a subcompact vehicle. Interestingly, the front features a pull-out table and a pop-up section to provide shade for your pets. This is great for when you want to spend some time outdoors and take in the fresh air or have a picnic.

The concept artist does away with traditional doors on the Pet Communication Device and goes for a two-section rear-hatch. The top lifts up as it should, but the bottom section becomes a step for pets to access the cabin. Inside, you have two seats at the back with removable cushions to access additional storage below.

To the front is the owner’s seat which features a pet bed underneath. A section of the dashboard slide’s out to become a makeshift table so you can work. The Pet Communication Device also comes with a coffee machine, a projector with speakers for entertainment, and more. Renault really needs to build something like this.

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Images courtesy of Behance/Sejoon Kim