Over the past few years, we’ve seen several automotive companies celebrate major milestones with commemorative rides. This year, it’s Renault’s turn to mark its 50th anniversary. They are opting for a collaboration with designer Pierre Gonalons called the 5 Diamant. This project takes a classic silhouette, endows it with an electric powertrain, and revamps its aesthetics to the artist’s distinct style.

The car reflects the journey of the French marque from the past and what it has in store for the future. So, what we have here is a bespoke machine that retains the classic look of the iconic Renault 5. It also receives a collection of visual tweaks that turn it into something that resembles a fine piece of jewelry.

According to Gonalons, aside from the donor platform supplied by the company, he was encouraged to apply his personal touch. Hence, everything you see that is not on the stock trim is his original work. The 5 Diamant body now flaunts a blend of gold and pink layers, which are then coated with a matte varnish.

Depending on the lighting and viewing angle, the exterior sparkles blue or gold. Gonalons then replaces the stock headlights and taillights with custom ones that look like gemstones. The 5 Diamant may look vintage, but Renault says this is an EV. The absence of an exhaust tip should be a dead giveaway.

It sits on wheels sourced from the Alpine trim, but no longer shows any spokes. The rims likewise show a sun emblem in the middle against a black backdrop. The Renault 5 Diamant reveals a minimalist interior with a mix of materials like mohair wool, brass, gold, and even a spiral French marble steering wheel.

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Images courtesy of Renault/Pierre Gonalons