A great thing about aftermarket customizations is how you can totally revamp the design and performance of any ride. Enthusiasts know that there is more to this hobby than just replacement body kits. For motorcycles, there are certain brands most garages love to work with. BMW remains a popular choice as you can see with the “Reimagined” cruiser from Renard Speed Shop.

For this bespoke build, the group starts off with a stock R 1250 R from BMW Motorrad. Most people would say that the donor bike already looks good as is, but Renard Speed Shop thinks otherwise. After all, why settle for a sport touring model that looks like every other one out there, when you have something more exclusive.

Dubbed the “Reimagined,” they’re reworking the sporty silhouette of the motorcycle into something with a hint of aviation elements. The 1,250-cc Boxer engine is already an engineering masterpiece, so they’re not messing around with it. Thus, the spec sheet would still hold at 136 horsepower with 105 lb-ft of torque.

BMW’s variable camshaft control (ShiftCam) technology will ensure riders can squeeze out everything the power plant can offer. Renard Speed Shop endows the R 1250 R with a new fuel tank and body panels handmade from aluminum. Next are the triple tree fork and front grille which were CNC-milled from solid aluminum blocks.

We also love the front suspension covers, which have been 3D printed with remarkable precision. There’s also a stacked pair of round headlights and a new bobber-style seat with an integrated taillight. The “Reimagined” sits on a pair of spoked Jonich Wheels and boasts titanium Akrapovič mufflers sourced from a Ducati Panigale Superleggera.

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Images courtesy of Renard Speed Shop