After years of featuring awesome aftermarket customizations, we are still eager for more. Among the projects we have seen, those with old-school or retrofuturistic look tend to stand out the most. However, after what Kingston Custom was able to achieve with their Phantom collection, it’s clear to us that art deco is the way to go. Thankfully, they seem to be thinking the same way after unveiling the Spirit of Passion.

With a name like that, one would expect a motorcycle that embodies speed in every way. The Spirit of Passion appears to do exactly just that courtesy of its aerodynamic silhouette in addition to the donor bike underneath it all. The build starts off with a BMW R 18 – already an exceptional cruiser — which then receives a vintage makeover.

According to the founder of Kingston Custom Dirk Oehlerking, “I have a constant stream of images running past my mind’s eye when it comes to deciding what style I want to focus on. Once I’ve made that choice, I start with a sketch in pencil and Tipp-Ex. Then I keep going until I know in my heart of hearts: that’s precisely it!” He notes that his projects must “convey soul, charm and character.”

This is exactly what the Spirit of Passion manages to deliver even just from a visual perspective. The long flowing curves of the bodywork smoothly transition from the front to the fuel tank. You can also make out the familiar kidney grilles, which is a cool touch. Finally, the white pinstripes complete the presentation. Kingston Custom shouldn’t stop here and make more of these in the future.

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Images courtesy of Kingston Custom