Swedish company Enkei designed the Reminder (001) Lamp with sustainability in mind. The company refers to it as its “circular startup,” which aims to change the way people create products by addressing the challenges of waste and pollution.

This lamp is both functional and aesthetic with a solid base and movable textile shade. The shade can be angled or moved in a way that it can adapt to various lighting needs. When not in use, the lamp can serve as a minimalist art piece .

But the standout point of Reminder (001) is its construction. It is made from various repurposed materials including high-end fashion deadstock, discarded ventilation pipes, 3D-printed fossil-free steel, scrap-based wire, and recycled bio-plastics. The base is mostly made from ceramic waste . 

This lamp is a testament to Enkei’s vision to be a motivating force for change by seeking to “shape beauty from the broken while challenging outdated systems.” It is a product of material innovation and new circular production methods. It is named as such because it serves as a reminder to people to be conscious of their choices in their everyday lives which can affect the future.

As the company says, “We believe that another world is possible and we seek to contribute to this transformation by consistently questioning, innovating, iterating, refining, and sharing our findings through new materials, production methods and beautiful everyday aesthetics.”

The Reminder (001) lamp has a quality and design that’s developed to stand the test of time. It’s a manifestation of what Enkei stand for: beauty, reconstruction, and light” and is a “celebration of circularity.” 

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Images courtesy of Enkei