If you’re in the market for a blazer that can take you from the urban jungle to the outdoors, then look no further than Relwen’s Cord Trap Blazer. It features a classic blazer cut but with a tapered waist for a casual and polished silhouette.

This is not your bulky, grandpa’s blazer that feels suffocating rather than comforting. Similar to a jean jacket, it fits like a glove and accentuates the right places for a tailored fit. It leaves room for mobility so you don’t feel restricted.

The Relwen Cord Trap Blazer comprises of a wale cord made from 98% cotton for breathability and the remaining 2% attributes to spandex, to give it a little stretch. Meanwhile, 100% cotton sateen at the yoke, lower back, and seam adds durability and feels soft on the skin. Finish that off with 100% polyester for the lining for durability and easy pull on and off.

This is outerwear boasts enough storage space for on-the-go essentials.  It has a large rear pocket with a side-seam snap closure that’s big enough to hold passports or a similar size item. At the hips are a couple of drop-in pockets to stow away EDCs, then there’s an interior zip chest pocket to store valuables like your card wallet. 

Moreover, the Relwen Cord Trap Blazer also comes with a four-button closure with a neck tab to shield you from cold winds or the hot summer breeze. This apparel boasts a Midwestern character, making it great for visits to the dock, the airport, weekend trips, or for casual strolls in the park during chilly or warm temperatures. 

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Images courtesy of Huckberry