As zero-emission motoring gradually becomes ubiquitous, it’s only a matter of time before public transportation platforms also adopt the trend. Although there are countries that have already switched to all-electric mobility, there are others that are yet to do so. REE Automotive presents the XBW – a concept that should offer more than just eco-friendly attributes.

The company did not specify if the model is exclusively for commuters only. This means it could be available for personal use if it ever makes it to production. Electric RVs, anyone? Nevertheless, we only have renders and specifications to work with and there are some interesting features on board this bus.

According to the manufacturer, the biggest selling point here is maneuverability. REE’s XBW will use an independent-wheel-drive setup to aid in situations that can cause problems for regular buses. Each of its rims comes with its gearbox, brake, and motor which allows it to make sharp turns or parallel park with ease.

Another fascinating attribute is the combination of drive-by-wire, steer-by-wire, and brake-by-wire. Unlike your typical hydraulic and mechanical systems, the steering wheel can go practically anywhere. In other words, the layout of the interior is as modular as it can get. The exterior of the XBW flaunts clean lines and futuristic elements.

Most notably of all, both the front and back appear similar. Much like some trains, drivers do not need to make a U-turn. Instead, it’s possible for the seats to reorient and face the opposite direction. The XBW is actually meant to showcase the company’s REEcorner technology. Attendees at this year’s CES can check out REE’s booth to see it in action.

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Images courtesy of REE Automotive