In their 25 years of existence, Redington has become a leader in innovative, well-engineered fly fishing reels.  To add to their growing line of gear, the Washington-based company got a bit whimsical.  The new Redington i.D. Custom Fly Fishing Reel ($90), while made to the same exacting standards as their other products, comes with a set of 34 easily placed, stacked, and removed stickers to customize the flat back of the reel.  The decals offer a variety of topics from state imagery, to food, to fish species.

The rod is constructed of sturdy cast aluminum and has a large line retrieval Arbor & Rulon disc drag.  The handle is a dual-density, twin-molded, soft touch grip and the reels can be purchased pre-spooled with a Mainstream line from RIO.  Like all Redington products, the customizable i.D. Fly Reel has a lifetime warranty.  It comes in three sizes, 3/4 with a 3.1″ diameter, 5/6 with a 3.5″ diameter, and the 7/8/9 which is 3.9″ across.

With the added decals to this quality reel, your next fly fishing adventure will come with some extra pizazz!