Most of the yachts we have featured before were all amazing examples of naval engineering. As such, it is our pleasure to seek even more of what the world’s best shipbuilders can offer. Our search leads us to a magnificent vessel from the folks at Red Yacht Design. We are exploring the Ice Kite superyacht which touts a feature not often seen on most watercraft in the same range. Hence, let us hop aboard and take a tour of what it brings to the table.

We are looking at a 211-foot superyacht with a beam measuring approximately 35 feet. With the help of Dykstra Naval Architects, natural lighting takes center stage as the construction features a lot of glass. This gives owners and their guests the illusion of wide-open spaces even within the confines of the vessel.

Red Yacht Design reveals that the owner wanted his ship to feel like it belongs to the sea. So far, we can observe that the instruction was kept in mind during its conception. Then there is the 5,000-square feet of space under the sun or moon. If that’s not enough the superyacht features a helipad, jacuzzi, pool, dining area for 12, barbecue area, and more.

The Ice Kite boasts enough space to accommodate up to 10 guests. The owner can bask in luxury within the full-beam cabin, while the others can take up residence on any of the four rooms. Red Yacht Design promotes an eco-friendly means of propulsion courtesy of a 1,700-square foot kite and the ship’s streamline design. If the wind does not cooperate, the twin 1,000-horsepower engines can push it forward up to 17.4 knots.

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Images courtesy of Red Yacht Design