As of late, we have been focusing vehicles thanks to the cancelled 2020 Geneva International Motor show. However, it’s time to shift our sights to our nautical means of transport. That’s right we are once again exploring the high seas in our search for some of the most awesome vessels out there. The latest one calling out to us is hailing from the Gdańsk, Poland. Form the shipyards of Sunreef Yachts, comes an impressive sight – the 49M Sunreef Power. We can already imagine the experience of being able to unwind aboard this beauty.

This luxury vessel measures 160 feet long and 55 feet wide and features a tri-deck design. This offers enough space for various amenities that can easily rival some of the best on land. In fact, this superyacht catamaran can carry up to three yacht tenders without breaking a sweat. Meanwhile, judging by the renders from the company, the 49M Sunreef Power might be the classiest platform to impress your guests.

The lighting in pink and purple highlights the sleek lines of this massive multi-hull leviathan. This light show would look absolutely stunning with the dark sky as a contrast to the soft glow it provides. Sunreef Yachts promises lavish accommodations for a maximum of 10 guests. Meanwhile, the 55-foot beam allows the designers to deliver jaw-dropping living spaces throughout its multi-level decks.

In addition to the maximum number of tenders, the 49M Sunreef Power will have space for smaller watercraft and toys. A crew of 17 is enough to man this vessel and provide outstanding service. Finally, its twin 3,400-horsepower engines should be adequate enough with a range of up to 5,000 nautical miles. Work is currently on the way for the first order which already has an owner.

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Images courtesy of Sunreef Yachts