After being the first to launch a 4K camera before 1080p resolution became commonplace, RED has once again surpassed themselves with the new ‘Weapon’ movie camera for the cinematographer professional.

Filming with an incredible 8,192 x 4,320, 35-megapixel Monstro sensor, the Weapon purrs along at 75fps or can be switched to Full Format mode and run at 60 fps. This low-noise camera can produce stills and 35.4-megapixel video with such detail as to make HD seem crude and blocky. The camera records in both RAW format and lower-res ProRes formats at the same time.

RED cameras are common because of their quality and the Weapon will soon stock the arsenals of major movie houses. The cost of this rig with sensor upgrades runs in the vicinity of $70K in addition to whatever lenses, accessories, or storage and maintenance costs may apply, but the movie legends this weapon is soon to shoot makes it spine-tingling.

Buy From RED $79,500