You already know that when Red Bull affixes their name on something, it’s bound to take things to the extreme. Aside from being a major sponsor in almost anything that involves competition, the brand imparts an image of outstanding performance. Thus, the RBS#01 – a sleek electric scooter – evokes a racing vibe albeit on something nobody would have thought possible.

The energy drink company is a regular fixture in many of the world’s prestigious races. In fact, it has a Formula One team along with Oracle. As such, it’s taking some of its learnings from the pinnacle of motorsport and applying them to this two-wheeler.

Whether it’s for your daily commute or just for recreation, the RBS#01 seems to be ready for more than just a normal ride.  According to its product page, we’re looking at a 50.4V 15Ah (760 Wh) battery powering its electric drive motor.

To abide by regulations regarding its use in public spaces, the top speed is electronically limited to 28 mph. With almost 60 lb-ft of torque, you know the RBS#01 can do so much more. Taking cues from its racing group’s research and development projects, it’s delivering outstanding quality and capabilities.

Starting with the construction, their use of carbon fiber means this machine tips the scales at only 50.71 lbs. Furthermore, the composite’s natural weave pattern is intact which gives it a stealthy and sophisticated appeal.

The extraordinary strength-to-weight properties of carbon fiber tell us the RBS#01 will gladly welcome any challenge. Red Bull likewise outfits the large-diameter wheels with soft compound intermediate tires for superior traction on any type of surface. Finally, four-piston hydraulic disc brakes promise reliable stopping power.

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Images courtesy of Red Bull