As frequent Men’s Gear readers, you are probably used to seeing unique finds on our site. And we’re sure the following piece will not disappoint: The Recidivist Tattooed Motorcycle oozes eccentric originality.

Built by Polish custom bike manufacturer Game Over Cycles, The Recidivist’s entire construction is covered in cowhide leather-lightly colored to resemble human skin, then tattooed directly onto the tires, tank, seat, rear fender, and other parts. This bizarre motorcycle (also dubbed ‘The Cheyenne Bike’), received a total of 250 hours of inking, done by two Polish artists, who used the tools of world-famous brand Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment.

Based on the Harley-Davidson Softail (where only the engine and parts of the frame are left), the Recidivist draws inspiration from the art of tattooing, and the life on the edge of the law of many motorcyclists, in post-war era America. This bad-ass bike features a front suspension looking like a traditional coil tattoo machine, a kick-start lever shaped as a bomb detonator lever, a rear light indicator resembling brass knuckle-dusters, a fuel tank cap that opens by the lock of a bank safe, and a front clutch and brake handles formed in the shape of “butterfly” knifes. We can imagine you’d get pulled over a lot riding this machine, but who cares? It’s cool as sh*t!

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