Bourbon whiskey is a distinctive product of the United States and Rebel Yell, made in Louisville, Kentucky is a big part of that distinctive tradition.  The Stitzel-Weller distilling company patented the barrel storage system still in use today.  While Rebel Yell is normally distilled to 40% ABV (80 proof) there is the original and best, Rebel Yell Single Barrel Bourbon ($50) – clocking in at 50% ABV – that connoisseurs still keep coming back for.

What makes Rebel Yell so different is their use of wheat in the corn mash, mixed with malt and Kentucky Limestone filtered mineral water.  Once distilled, Single Barrel Bourbon from Kentucky is aged for ten years in new charred white oak barrels to create that subtle flavor described as “initial traces of caramel and citrus, with a velvety smooth finish and just a hint of spice.”

Until around 1980, Rebel Yell was exclusive to the southern US.  Now that it is distributed nationally, everyone can celebrate the spirit of independence so well invoked by that Confederate battle cry it is named for.