If you’re reading this from your gaming PC or desktop workstation, what type of mouse are you using? Most probably have a generic model, while the rest rock a fancy vertical mouse and others for ergonomics. Gamers, on the other hand, require precision and comfort, which is what Razer’s new Viper Mini Signature Edition brings to the table both figuratively and literally.

With years of manufacturing gaming-grade accessories and peripherals, the manufacturer has nailed down what users need. To get that competitive edge over the opponents, your gear must be optimized for responsiveness and performance. Razer loves to push the boundaries when it comes to its flagship products.

This pointing device boasts a top-notch construction. The Viper Mini Signature Edition ships with a high-grade magnesium alloy exoskeleton. Not only does it substantially reduce weight, but the material also feels premium to the touch.

Extensive engineering and testing give gamers Razer’s “lightest mouse ever created” which tips the scales at only 49 grams. The metal makes it a more durable choice than plastic. Choose between Razer’s HyperSpeed Wireless or Wired via the Speedflex USB-C charging cable that comes in the box.

A full charge of its batteries should last up to 60 hours. Changing the polling rate could drastically affect the time before it needs to recharge. The third-generation optical mouse switches should last up to 90 million clicks. The Viper Mini Signature Edition is one of the best gaming mice out there.

In the box, you get the Viper Mini Signature Edition, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a Razer HyperPolling wireless dongle, a USB-A to USB-C Speedflex Cable, two sets of Razer Mouse Grip Tape, two sets of alcohol prep pads, 1 set PTFE mouse feet, and 1 set Corning Gorilla Glass 3 mouse feet.

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Images courtesy of Razer