Let’s face it—mobile gaming is undeniably on the upsurge. We can now see developers port their games from the PC or home consoles to Android or iOS smartphones. Chart-topping titles such as PUBG and Fortnite are now accessible to anyone who owns a mid-range or flagship device. As much as we love spending hours waging virtual battles online, controlling the action using the touch-screen is far from accurate. RAZER wants to change that with the RAZER Raiju Mobile gamepad accessory.

Console and PC gamers have likely experienced the performance and quality of RAZER controllers such as the Raiju for the PlayStation 4 and the Wolverine for the Xbox One. Feedback from professional gamers speaks of the remarkable responsiveness and comfort it delivers. The brand is ready to do the same for those who want to establish their dominance over the competition on their Android-running devices.

The Bluetooth-ready gamepad features a built-in mount that can tilt up to 60 degrees for that ideal viewing angle. The adjustable system is compatible with most flagship smartphone model and will pair perfectly with the forthcoming RAZER Phone 2. The companion app will allow you to configure and remap the buttons to suit the game. The RAZER Raiju Mobile boasts a 23-hour battery life and can connect wirelessly or wired through a USB Type-C cable.

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Photos courtesy of RAZER