Love it or hate it, RGB lighting is now a pervasive feature that usually denotes a product is for gaming. Overall, we think that it depends on how intuitive a manufacturer applies the LEDs. This determines if the glow becomes an annoyance or serves to enhance the visual presentation of a device. Razer is a company many associate with this approach, but they also have a hit-and-miss track record. Nevertheless, their Project Brooklyn concept keeps it subtle and stylish.

Making its debut at CES 2021 last week, the gaming chair surprisingly did not go overboard with its presentation. In fact, it appears Razer’s designers held back a little but still ended up with one awesome profile. As the industry welcomes next-generation hardware such as the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and even more powerful GPUs, Project Brooklyn offers a solution that delivers superior comfort and immersion.

Aside from the RGB strip on the bucket seat and legs, Razer is turning the Project Brooklyn into an all-in-one entertainment platform. It’s doing so by adding an automated mechanism that extends over to unroll a 60-inch flexible OLED panel. Now you have a panoramic gaming-grade display which is actually possible with the technology available today.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a gamepad or a mouse and keyboard combo, the modular 4D armrests hide a collapsible table when you need it. Furthermore, Razer Hypersense haptic system within the frame guarantees that you feel the action as well. Much like its Project Hazel mask, we really hope the Project Brooklyn does not end up a concept only.

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Images courtesy of Razer