Razer’s products have always been recognized for their aggressive looks and vibrant Chroma RGB lighting systems. In fact, the brand has been the subject of jokes wherein almost everything that it shops out needs to have LED lighting. The Opus X bucks the trend as it one of the more minimalist items to come from the company.

The way we see it, the gaming hardware group plans to broaden its appeal. Instead of purely focusing on what gamers want, it’s now catering to the average user who just wants a stylish accessory. What sets the Opus X apart from its regular cousin is its features.

Although they dropped certain functionalities, it retains others and even introduces improvements. These over-ear headphones do not slap the iconic triple-snake emblem on the earcups. Instead, you have the Razer script on the headbands.

A downside here is that onlookers could easily mistake them for a generic pair of cans. Nonetheless, what matters is that the wearer benefits from the Feedforward ANC technology and the superior comfort of the leatherette headband/earcups. The Opus X is certainly optimized for ergonomics.

Razer likewise addresses another issue that plagues Bluetooth headsets. It was able to minimize latency down to 60 ms which is an improvement over the regular Opus. If you were wondering about what did not make the cut, the Opus X is no longer THX certified.

Moreover, the auto-pause/play function and 3.5 mm port are gone. Still, the Opus X remains a stylish and reasonably priced pair of ANC headphones. A full charge of its battery can last up to 30 hours with active noise canceling on and 40 hours when off. RAZER offers it in Green, Quartz, and Mercury colorways.

Buy – $99.99

Images courtesy of Razer