In keeping with their annual tradition every April Fools’ Day Razer is upping the ante. Their Cthulhu is purportedly “the ultimate gaming chair.” Despite the timing and disclosure from the computer peripheral and accessory manufacturer, many people often forget these items are all imaginary and purely for entertainment. Still, here are the bells and whistles that ship with the seat.

There is a long-running joke among the PC gaming community about how RGB lighting improves your performance and skill. As such, Razer — known for its illuminated hardware — often becomes the butt of many jokes. Nevertheless, the brand is already considered a household name among gamers. 

This year’s installment is clearly based on the Iskur V2 but with a substantial upgrade. Instead of just decking it out with garish lighting, the engineering team is outfitting this piece of furniture with advanced artificial intelligence. This allows the Cthulhu to articulate eight robotic limbs to cater to your needs.

In the footage posted on their product page, the mechanical appendages appear to function like the ones used by a certain comic book villain. However, this does not require any implant and handles chores and tasks for the user. Hence, owners can leave everything else to the Cthulhu, while they just focus on the game.

Among the stuff it can do as shown in the video is give you a message, feed you snacks, handle your grooming/hygiene, order food, and even take over the controls while you do something else. As ridiculous as it may be, we hope future technology can deliver a product similar to the Razer Cthulhu to make our lives a whole lot easier.

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Images courtesy of Razer