If we ask you to name a brand of eyewear off the top of your head, the answer will most likely be Ray-Ban. Founded in 1936 in Milan, Italy, the brand eventually became an icon of style. Although its catalog features modern silhouettes, it’s the retro designs that remain popular among wearers. In partnership with Meta AI, It’s time to step into the future with the Meta Smart Glasses collection.

We all know Meta and Ray-Ban are not the first to dive into the technology, but the latest advancements are pretty promising. The unique selling point of the Meta Smart Glasses is the integration of imaging, audio, touch, and voice commands into a fashionable pair of shades. Understated high-tech wearables are probably what the future holds for us.

Unlike similar platforms that came before, there is no built-in display this time around. As of this writing, there are four models to choose from: Skyler, Wayfarer Scuderia Ferrari Miami LTD, Wayfarer, and Low Brige Fit Headliner. The frames hold two 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera sensors. These are used for video calls and other imaging functions.

Meanwhile, the temples are equipped with open-ear speakers for discreet audio playback via directional acoustics. A custom five-microphone array facilitates crystal communication and also actively listens for your voice commands. The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses holds 32 GB of internal storage for your photos and videos.

It pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.2 and also supports Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are compatible wtih iOS and Android devices. Similar to true wireless stereo earbuds, these ship with a charging case. A full battery lasts up to four hours, but you get another eight more with the included accessory.

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Images courtesy of Ray-Ban/Meta