You would think that pre-owned things should be cheaper, but that rule doesn’t seem to apply to most luxury items. Online consignment market Baghunter is just one of those places where people come to spend a lot of money on used goods – handbags, to be more exact.

Rare Croc Birkin Bag Sold for Almost $100,000Most Expensive Birkin Bag

As anyone who knows a little about fashion will tell you, some of the most expensive bags you can get are the fabled Birkin Bags. One very rare bi-color croc 35 cm Birkin has recently sold for a staggering $99,750, perfectly illustrating our point about pre-owned luxury things. Obviously still in pristine condition, the Elephant Grey and Black handbag is beautifully complimented by gold hardware.

Luxury Croc Birkin Bag, Handles Luxury Croc Birkin Bag Back View