The new Rapha Eyewear collection is engineered for enhanced and unparalleled vision clarity on every ride. It is built with proprietary contrast enhancement lens technology so you experience every ride in high definition. 

Leading the collection is the Reis, a pair of performance cycling glasses engineered for greater perception, for protection and clarity when racing and training. It features a “Freeform” one-piece shield lens to extend your field of vision and contrast-enhancing technology to help you identify hazards and adapt to changes in terrain and light conditions. It boasts fog and scratch-resistant lens finishes, an interchangeable high-grip nose pads, and hydrophobic coating for wet conditions. 

Next up in the Rapha Eyewear collection is the lightweight Letras also featuring a “Freefrom” shield designed to offer increased protection from UV rays, road spray and debris. Like the Reis, this pair also features interchangeable high-grip nose pieces, lens with anti-fogging and anti-scratch finish and hydrophobic coating.

Lastly, is the Dalton which offers versatility and style and clarity and control on every ride. Its curvature design protects your eyes and extend your field of vision, while contrast-enhancing lens technology helps you identify hazards and adapt to changes in terrain and light conditions. The shield design also offers UV, wind, and road spray protection while the lenses come with anti-fog, anti-scratch, and hydrophobic finishes.