After featuring several huge luxury watercraft, we think it’s time to shine the spotlight on something a little more compact. Superyachts and others of its ilk are undoubtedly awesome. Furthermore, the generous spaces for both the interior and exterior are astounding. In fact, we liken it to a luxurious mansion that floats on water and can go anywhere you fancy. The Rand Leisure 28-E takes most of the creature comforts of bigger vessels and crams everything into something with a smaller footprint.

As long as there is a port to dock on, an area to anchor, or a buoy to moor it on, everywhere is fair game. Given how big most superyachts are, this would become a problem if a tender is unavailable. Therefore, The Leisure 28-E is at the perfect size that does not skimp on any of the amenities you can expect on a full-size alternative.

The Copenhagen-based company delivers a sleek and stylish boat that measures 27.69 feet from bow to stern and 5.21 feet from port to starboard. We know the numbers might seem humble, but it is what comes with the package that blows us away. There is enough room for 12 people to lounge about in addition to the cabin with a queen-size bed.

Then there’s also a bathing platform with a dining area with a folding table on the deck. To our surprise, Rand reveals that the Leisure 28-E is fully-electric. Its zero-emission propulsion system can max out at 45 miles per hour for up to two hours. Owners can even customize the battery capacity and motor to suit their needs.

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Images courtesy of Rand