We’re no strangers to crazy motorcycle builds, which regularly grace our pages. However, this one from Radikal Chopper might just be on the top of our list. Making its debut at the Top Marques event in Monaco, the Magnifica was a showstopper. This silhouette is not as clear-cut wherein you can call it vintage, modern, or futuristic, but it is a masterpiece, nonetheless.

BMW Motorrad shares that it all started with Raffaello Polchi a motorcycle enthusiast and owner of Officine Riunite Milanesi. He commissioned Radikal Chopper to take a BMW R 18 and turn it into a piece of mechanical art. This is a challenge the aftermarket customization shop’s founder Andrea Radaelli was more than eager to take up.

What makes this project even more remarkable is the traditional approach to its design. Unlike the usual process wherein a team starts off with the use of CAD software to come up with renders, the Magnifica is pure on-the-fly creativity in the hands of Radaelli.

Furthermore, nothing that goes into its construction was sourced from a third-party supplier. This means that except for the machined billet wheels, almost everything you see on the Magnifica is hand-built. BMW Motorrad says that the moto uses noble materials such as aluminum, brass, and wood.

The latter stands out as the mahogany tail section hovers over a monoshock suspension. These bespoke changes also shave off some weight from the donor bike which originally tips the scales at around 761 lbs. Now, it’s at 551.16 lbs to 573.20 lbs. The press release describes the Magnifica as “an extreme reinterpretation of the German maxi cruiser where luxury, craftsmanship and the nobility of the materials used meet in this unique and fascinating motorcycle.”

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Images courtesy of BMW Motorrad