Anker is a brand synonymous with products and accessories designed for our favorite gadgets. We have been using their battery packs, cables, hubs, and others, but we sometimes forget that the company also caters to entertainment. To celebrate the 2021 Star Wars Day, some of you might have plans to watch the movies or spin-offs. If so, why not enjoy the home cinema experience with the R2-D2 Nebula Capsule II.

As always, May is the month fans of the space opera franchise look forward to each year. There’s certainly no shortage of surprises this time around as we scour the internet for awesome products to add to our collection. It just so happens that Anker’s R2-D2 Nebula Capsule II seems the perfect piece of gear for the occasion.

With its cylindrical form factor, the regular Nebula Capsule II is the perfect canvas to turn into everyone’s favorite astromech droid. Kudos to Anker for its fine work on this limited-edition version of the portable projector. The placement of the graphics down to the familiar colors of R2-D2 is faithfully recreated.

It ships in special packaging with Star Wars branding and an image of the droid. Ankers even includes special sound effects which is a nice touch. From a performance and functionality aspect, there are no changes for the R2-D2 Nebula Capsule II.

The control button and ports are all in the same position. It runs Android TV 9.0 by default with Chromecast support, which is a versatile entertainment platform. Anker lets you project images and videos up to 100 inches in HD or use the R2-D2 Nebula Capsule II as a Bluetooth speaker.

Buy – $699.99

Images courtesy of Nebula