The Quotidian Pen ($60) is made to give even the worse fidgeter or tapper an experience they won’t soon forget. Boasting a very sleek, minimalistic design, this pen accentuates the no-frills purpose of a writing implement. The balance of the tool is carefully measured so the metal bodied weight gives a comfortable feel for the hand. Each precision machined body is formed of either airplane-grade aluminum or classic brass which will develop a distinct patina over time.

But it is the cap that sets this beautiful stylus apart. Made with powerful Neodymium magnets, it adheres to the base through natural magnetic forces. You can flick it, spin it of flop it back and forth without loosing it off the shaft. Science has shown how helpful and relaxing fidgeting can be to prevent boredom and this pen looks like it can help keep your mind fresh for the job at hand. The Quotidian may prove to be so comforting you may need to keep an eye on it around the office.