When people travel out of town or out of the country, they usually pack enough change of clothes and other essentials. However, what many of us often consider just an afterthought are oral hygiene products. Unless you want to come off as a slob who does not care about how their breath smells, make sure to include the Perfect Pick Routine bundle from Quip in your bag or luggage.

There’s a reason why folks tend just to omit their toothbrush, toothpaste, and flosses. Since most hotels, resorts, and other accommodations provide these at no expense, we just don’t bother to bring them along with us. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility that there aren’t any.

Hence, let’s not take that chance and gear up properly. The standard Perfect Pick Routine includes an electric toothbrush with a cover, a refillable floss pick, and a mint anti-cavity toothpaste. These three are practically what anyone needs to keep their mouth fresh and healthy.

Moreover, buyers can add optional items to their kits like a refillable mint gum dispenser, a refillable mouthwash dispenser, and a solar battery charger. Choose between plastic or metal trims to make it easy to identify which Perfect Pick Routine is yours.

The former is available in blue and green, while the latter ships in silver, slate, gold, and copper. The electric toothbrush is water-resistant and features sonic vibrations with guiding pulses. A full charge should last up to three months.

Meanwhile, the floss pick is easy to restring after use. Next, the toothpaste is formulated with xylitol and fluoride to aid against cavities. The cap and tube are 100% recyclable. Your Perfect Pick Routine works best with a refill plan subscription.

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Images courtesy of Quip