Humidifiers provide health benefits especially when it’s flu season or during dry winter months. One common problem with this machine though is it builds up molds over time and can be difficult to clean. Not the Carepod One Humidifier, which is sterilizable. 

Dr. Hyung Joo Kim was inspired to create this machine while helping his own family tackle dry air and finding nothing on the market that met his standards. His innovation is easy to use and maintain, and best of all, looks minimalist yet stylish for any room setup. 

The Carepod One Humidifer boasts a sleek white exterior with a design similar to modern rice cookers. It has a lid that pops open and inside is a removable stainless steel tank where you put fresh or distilled water (not tap water). There’s also a spout attached to a stainless steel cover that dips into the water. What sets this apart from its kind, aside from its ease of use, are the removable components. 

The spout, the interior lid, and the container can be removed for thorough washing or sterilization. This way, preventing mold buildup, bacteria, and germs so you can be assured you’re inhaling clean and safe mist every time. You also save money from buying filters and the parts are also dishwasher safe.

The Carepod One Humidifer hydrates indoor spaces up to 500 square feet with the tank capable of holding four liters of water for a 30-hour hydration. The power button is integrated on the surface on the top along with two more buttons that let you adjust the mist intensity and set the time. It runs for 30 hours under level 1 humidity and max of ten hours of continuous operation at level 3. This machine also automatically shuts off when the water level is low or at a preset time and it operates quietly.

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Images courtesy of Carepod