As the number of Cybertrucks out in the wild grows, the automotive industry can finally gauge just how well Tesla delivered on their promises. So far, it has been a mixed bag as owners share both positive and negative experiences with their new ride. If you plan to go overlanding soon, the Cybertruck Basecamp should make your outdoor stay as cozy as it can get.

This first-party accessory is as good as it gets with Heimplanet involved. Elon Musk is undoubtedly a genius who can excel in almost anything he pursues, but aftermarket gear for off-grid adventures should be left to the experts. Leave it to Heimplanet to craft a tent worthy of the space it turns into a comfortable refuge from the elements.

With its accumulated experience over the years, the manufacturer has narrowed down the optimal form factor. The Cybertruck Basecamp touts a “geodesic air frame” sans any support poles which you can inflate with a hand pump. It only takes a few minutes to deploy and still leaves enough space below for supplies and other camping gear.

The kit comes with L-track brackets for support and positions the Cybertruck Basecamp package above the bed but below the tonneau cover. According to Tesla, The Vault Cargo Divider and Molle Panels need to be removed before installation of the tent. Inside, there’s just enough room for two adults and one child.

Screen windows above and at the point of entry promote ventilation, while the integrated outlets of the truck bed remain accessible to recharge your devices and more. The Cybertruck Basecamp set includes an awning and support poles to provide additional shade when the sun is out. Finally, the weather-resistant exterior ensures everything inside remains dry.

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Images courtesy of Tesla/Heimplanet