The Quilo Aviance saves you money if you’re on the market for a purifier and humidifier. This machine offers both functions and is also a cooler and fan.

This all-season unit boasts powerful three-stage 300 CADR air purification with True HEPA, UV-C light, and activated carbon. The HEPA filter blocks 99.97 percent of airborne particles with a diameter that is equal or greater to 0.3 um. These include dust, mold, pollen, smoke, and VOCs.

Meanwhile, the UV-C light is known to kill disease-causing bacteria and the activated carbon traps VOCs and absorbs almost any type of gas and odors.

The Quilo Aviance as an air cooler makes use of a 4.8-gallon water tank. It uses evaporative technology to produce cool air by reducing hot air temperature by up to 15°F. Ice in the thank is optional but it works great for faster cooling. It has an air throw and velocity of 18 feet and 8m/s, respectively, and boasts a 50 percent cooling efficiency.

As a humidifier, a quick swap of the honeycomb cooling cartridge to the humidifier cartridge achieves a room humidity of up to 40-50% RH. It uses sensors to automatically adjust humidity levels in the room to soothe dry skin, itchy throat, and nose irritation. Meanwhile, the fan gives the same air throw and velocity as that of the cooler sans the water in the cooling cartridge.

The Quilo Aviance saves you money on maintenance and in purchasing different air climatizer machines. It also takes up less space in your home, easy to move around with built-in wheels, and has a quite operation.

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Images courtesy of Quilo Home